Big Blue Sailing Academy
Adult Sailing Class Course Descriptions

Adult First Sail: This two-hour course is designed to introduce a new sailor to the very basics of sailing, including basic boating safety, principles of sailing, and basic boating equipment. The sailor will take a short sail with an instructor. This course is also for the former sailor who'd like to refresh skills in a short form. Ideal for people who want to try sailing before making a bigger commitment of time and money.

Adult Beginner Classes: These classes cover the primary skills of sailing: identifying wind direction, rigging and de-rigging, knots and lines, rules of the "road," launching and landing, steering, safety positions, tacking, points of sail, jibing, capsizing, overboard recovery, getting out of irons, upwind sailing, and on-the-water safety. The goal of beginner sailing is to enable the sailor to rig up, launch, sail out and back, and then land and store the boat without incident.



Adult Intermediate Sessions: Adult intermediate sessions are designed to make sailors more comfortable with the skills covered in beginner courses. General seamanship, boat equipment, rigging, maintenance, navigation, and emergency procedures are all covered in greater depth. Weather, water current, and wind are all discussed as they relate to small boat sailing. Intermediate sailing is taught with a greater emphasis on the sailor's self-reliance; we hope that once the course is completed, the sailor can rig, launch, sail out and back, land and store the boat completely without assistance and with confidence and efficiency.